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God Calls, We Respond

Exodus 3:1-15
Rev. Dr. E. Scott Jones
September 21 2014

Moses is going about his normal business, tending the sheep of his father-in-law.  He’s probably dusty and sweaty.  I figure that his … More

Food Pantry

Rev. Dr. E. Scott Jones
September 25 2014

The first Sunday of each month is the day we donate food or money to the First Lutheran Food Pantry. (The food … More

Life vs. Death

Rev. Dr. E. Scott Jones
September 23 2014

In this cosmic struggle between chaos and creation, the liberation of God’s people is prepared. A preview of the sermon this coming … More

Pet Blessing

Rev. Dr. E. Scott Jones
October 4 2014

At First Central, you hear and see “More Than Welcome” quite often.  And that welcome includes our pets, who are important parts … More