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Electing New Conference Minister

Rev. Dr. E. Scott Jones
October 11 2017

Last Saturday Nebraska elected its new Conference Minister–the Rev. Brigit Stevens. Watch a video from Brigit here.

This is the next step toward the Tri-Conference–the combining of staff and administrative functions of the Nebraska, Iowa, and South Dakota Conferences.  The Iowa and Nebraska Conferences have now affirmed her leadership; we await South Dakota’s vote this weekend.


First Central was well represented at this historic meeting at First Congregational UCC in Crete.  Nine congregants attended.  Lay delegates were Judy Bouma, Michael Cich-Jones, and Cherie & Don Ferber.  Clergy delegates were Jeannie Bates, Scott Jones, Katie Miller, and Charlene Wozny.  Sebastian Cich was our ninth representative and entertained the meeting with his toddler activities (there’s a good story that Scott will include in a sermon soon).

First Central has been well represented in this process.  Jeannie Bates sits on the Tri-Conference Board and Michael Cich-Jones served on the search committee.

Brigit shared that she explored the job because of all the exciting what ifs.  We look forward to this grand new adventure of the Holy Spirit.