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Now Looking For a Few Good (be)Friend(ers)

Cassie Williams
August 25 2017

A Befriender is just like is sounds – a person who “befriends” another.  With a phone call, a card in the mail…maybe a meal and some conversation.  We’ve all done it from time to time!

Here at First Central, there a several folks who can no longer be as active in the church as they once were or would like to be. Maybe because of health reasons, maybe it’s their age, or maybe it is simply proximity to the church!  Would you – or your family – like to “befriend” one of those folks?

There are no real set rules, just get to know each other!  Find out what they miss about church, learn how you can better help keep them in touch with their church family.  Sometimes a monthly visit or phone call, sometimes perhaps a card in the mail to let them know we’re all thinking about them.

We currently have folks waiting for that welcoming connection from church!  If you’re interested in signing up or learning more about becoming a Befriender here at First Central, please contact the church office or talk to some current Befrienders at the Homecoming Picnic on August 27th and sign up right then!