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Young Children

babyFor your convenience, childcare is available on Sundays in the Nursery from  9:15 to 11:45 a.m. However, your child is always welcome to stay in worship with you.


Des and ElizUsually children remain in worship on the First  Sunday of the month so that they can participate in communion with their families.  Exceptions will be announced in the calendar.  Contact the Christian Education Director  if you have questions.

Our Children’s Church School is for children age 4 through grade 6.   We meet after the Conversation With the Children (in worship).  Children are accompanied to the first floor classrooms and are returned to the parlor at the end of class at 11:45.   Parents and family members are welcome to join  their children in church school until both feel comfortable leaving the children with the teacher.  Teachers learn as they teach.  New teachers are always welcome.

We have several classrooms to use during our time with the children.  The Drama and Music station features drama, puppets, as well as singing, dancing, stories, and musical instruments.  The Discovery Station features computers,  videos, maps, and learning activities.  The Art Station features a variety of art projects and activities to enhance children’s knowledge of the stories. Usually the 4th-5th graders meet in the Elevated Track classroom for investigating the story.

The children’s library is in the 1st floor hall.   You are welcome to check out these books.



Youth girls at all church retreat 2014Youth Church School meets in the 1st Floor Computer Lab at 9:45-10:15AM.

The First YOUth group, for those in 7th-12th grades,  meets weekly after church for a variety of activities:  fellowship, mission, church life, arts and crafts, spirituality, and recreation.   Check the calendar for our schedule or look here:  November 2015 Youth Plans


adulted Our adult classes (First Forum) offer a welcoming environment that allows everyone to come together to discuss many interesting topics and events.   We meet at 9:15 a.m. in the Third Floor Parlor.  Topics may include current politics, history, art, the bible, theology, and contemporary issues.   A quarterly schedule is available here and at several places at church.  Autumn FF final word

Current sessions are listed on the News & Events  page.

Child care is available in the Nursery from 9:15  to 11:45 a.m.